Chunchanakatte Falls, Top Mysore Water Falls Tourist Guide

Chunchanakatte Falls

A magical retreat awaits you at Chunchanakatte Falls, where the melodious echoes of nature create and mesmerizing cascades in lush greenery.

This famous waterfall in Karnataka is located in Mysore and is a breathtaking natural wonder that fascinates tourists with its breathtaking beauty and serene atmosphere. Surrounded by greenery and surrounded by the mesmerizing flow of river Kaveri, this place offers a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. In this article, we will give you the complete tourist guide about Chunchanakatte Falls and reveal the surprises that await you in this picturesque destination.


The mesmerizing Chunchanakatte Falls in the Indian state of Karnataka is a breathtaking natural wonder that appeals to tourists and nature lovers alike. Nestled in a lush green and lush landscape, these falls are a sight to behold as the mighty Kaveri falls gracefully from a height of about 50 feet to create a mesmerizing cascade of frothy white water.

The name “Chunchanakatte” is derived from the local language, Kannada, where “Chunchana Katte” translates to “gushing sound” of water. The name aptly describes the symphony of nature that enthralls all who set foot in this serene paradise. With a rich mythological heritage, Chunchanakatte falls refer to the legend of ancient times. Legend has it that Lord Rama, the revered hero of the epic Ramayana, along with his wife Sita and brother Lakshmana, took refuge in this area during their exile in the forest. The earthly beauty and serenity of the falls enchants them and leaves an indelible impression on the spiritual significance of the site. It is believed that the rocks surrounding the falls bear the footprints of Rama, making it a sacred pilgrimage site for devotees and a historical marvel for history buffs.

The best time to indulge in the charm of Chunchanakatte Falls is during monsoons, when the region is rejuvenated with refreshing rains. The volume of water swells, and the waterfall transforms into a grand display of nature’s power, painting a majestic picture against the lush green backdrop. The monsoons also bring to life the surrounding vegetation, creating a landscape with a vivid palette of colors.

Beyond the mesmerizing beauty of the falls, Chunchanakatte offers numerous experiences for tourists. The nearby Devi Durga Temple, an ancient architectural marvel, invites devotees to seek blessings and seek solace in its serene surroundings. For wildlife lovers, BR Hills Wildlife Sanctuary and Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary offer an opportunity to encounter a variety of flora and fauna in their natural habitat.

Chunchanakatte Falls is not just a sight to see but a sanctuary for the soul. The harmonious blend of nature’s orchestra and the serene atmosphere creates an ideal environment for introspection and rejuvenation. Tourists can enjoy the tranquility of the waterfall, allowing the rhythmic sound of the water to wash away the worries of everyday life. Conservation efforts are underway to maintain the ecological balance and protect the precious ecosystem around the falls. Responsible tourism is encouraged to ensure that this natural wonder remains intact for generations to come. Chunchanakatte Falls is a testament to the sheer magnificence of nature’s artistry, where myth and wonder blend seamlessly. It is a place to reconnect with the essence of life and find harmony in the embrace of Mother Nature’s majesty.

Explore the beauty of Chunchanakatte Falls

Chunchanakatte Falls is a true testament to the awe-inspiring beauty of Mother Nature. As the water of river Kaveri falls from a great height, the waterfall creates a breathtaking sight that fascinates the tourists. Surrounded by lush greenery and rich mythology, this enchanting waterfall has earned its place as a must-visit destination for travelers seeking tranquility. The sight of Chunchanakatte Falls is a symphony for the senses. The rhythmic flow of flowing water creates a soothing melody that harmonizes with the gentle lapping of the water and the calls of birds in the background. The fine mist rising from the waterfall effect adds a mystical touch to the air, creating an ethereal atmosphere that feels almost surreal.

The surrounding landscape enhances the beauty of the falls, with lush foliage providing a natural frame to the flowing water. Vibrant shades of green paint a vivid picture of nature’s abundance, creating a lush and inviting sanctuary for flora and fauna. The attraction of the falls is not limited to its visual appeal; It also holds deep-rooted mythological significance. According to local mythology, this waterfall is known as the resting place of Lord Rama, Goddess Sita and Lakshmana during their exile. This gives the place an aura of sanctity, making it not only a tourist attraction but also a place of spiritual significance for pilgrims.

Chunchanakatte Falls also offers various activities for adventure lovers and nature lovers. Trekking through the surrounding forests allows one to explore the region’s rich biodiversity and experience the serene beauty up close. Nearby wildlife sanctuaries offer an opportunity to see a variety of flora and fauna, making it a haven for wildlife lovers and photographers.

It is very important to preserve the original beauty of Chunchanakatte Falls. Conservation efforts aim to protect the fragile ecosystem and preserve and enjoy the natural splendor of the falls for future generations. The beauty of Chunchanakatte Falls is beyond mere words and is a magical symphony of nature’s brilliance. From the mesmerizing cascade of water to the enveloping greenery, every aspect of this wonder exudes a sense of serenity. A visit to this waterfall is not just a scenic journey but a profound experience that touches the soul and leaves an indelible impression of the magnificence of nature.

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The Legend Behind Chunchanakatte Falls

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of nature, Chunchanakatte Falls is not only a mesmerizing natural wonder but also steeped in ancient mythology that weaves a magical tapestry around the site. According to local legends, the Chunchanakatte falls have great significance in the ancient Indian epic, the Ramayana. It is believed that during his 14 years of exile, Lord Rama, the revered hero, along with his beloved wife Sita and faithful brother Lakshmana, traveled to various places in search of peace and enlightenment. Chunchanakatte became a haven of peace where the trio found respite from their arduous journey.

The story of Chunchanakatte Falls unfolds when Mother Sita, thirsty and tired, requested Lord Rama to fetch water from a nearby river. As a loving husband, Rama shot an arrow into the earth to bring life-giving water and thus, the river Kaveri emerged, cascading down the rocky terrain to form the majestic waterfall we see today. This waterfall recalls the sound of water emanating from Rama’s arrow.

The attraction of the falls is further enhanced by the belief that the rocks surrounding the water bear footprints of Lord Rama, Goddess Sita and Lord Lakshmana. These natural imprints have transformed Chunchanakatte into a sacred pilgrimage site, attracting devotees and spiritual seekers from every corner of the country. This waterfall has created a permanent place in the hearts of the locals who have been narrating the legend for generations. The ancient folklore and cultural significance has created a sense of reverence for the falls in the hearts of those who call the region home. Beyond its mythological association, Chunchanakatte Falls continues to enthrall visitors with its pristine beauty and serene ambiance. The lush greenery, rhythmic flow of water and ethereal mist all combine to create a mesmerizing atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression on everyone who sets foot in this natural paradise.

The legend behind Chunchanakatte Falls weaves a magical story that bridges myth and reality and gives the site a sense of wonder and reverence. Its combination of natural charm and mythological significance makes Chunchanakatte Falls a realm of extraordinary charm, making it a must-see destination for those who want to experience both the beauty of nature and the mystery of ancient stories.

The Geography and Location

Chunchanakatte Falls, a breathtaking natural wonder, is nestled amidst the serene nature of Karnataka, India, making it an enchanting destination for travelers to relax in the embrace of nature. The unique geography of the region plays an important role in the formation of this spectacular waterfall and adds to the overall charm of the place.

Geographic Location:

This waterfall is located approximately 57 kilometers from the historic city of Mysore in the Mandya district of Karnataka. These falls form an integral part of the Western Ghats, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its rich biodiversity and greenery. The Western Ghats, also known as the Sahyadri Range, extend along the western coast of India, covering several states including Karnataka.

Kaveri River:

The geographical importance of Chunchanakatte Falls is closely linked to the mighty Kaveri River. Kaveri, one of the most revered rivers in South India, originates in the Brahmagiri Hills of the Western Ghats in the state of Karnataka. The river then flows over the Deccan Plateau, nourishing the land it passes through and sustaining life along its path.

Formation of Chanchankatte Falls:

As the Kaveri River flows through the region around Chunchanakatte, it encounters a rocky terrain with steep slopes. There is a significant drop in elevation at Chunchanakatte in the course of the river, which forms a picturesque waterfall. The water cascades from a height of approximately 50 feet, creating a spectacular display of foamy white water against a rocky backdrop.

Surrounding Topography:

The topography surrounding Chunchanakatte Falls is a mix of dense forests, lush green valleys and rolling hills. The greenery and rich biodiversity of the region add to the attraction of the falls, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers and wildlife lovers. The surrounding landscapes provide a pristine and unspoilt environment that allows visitors to immerse themselves in the serenity of nature.

The geography and location of Chunchanakatte Falls contributes significantly to its charm and beauty. Surrounded by the lush greenery of the Western Ghats and surrounded by the majestic Kaveri River, these waterfalls present a mesmerizing sight to all who set foot in this natural paradise. The serenity of the surroundings, along with the rhythmic flow of cascading water, creates a beautiful escape for those looking to reconnect with the grace of nature and witness the geological wonders of the earth.

Best Time to Visit Chunchanakatte Falls

The best time to visit Chunchanakatte Falls, nestled in the enchanting landscape of Karnataka, India, is an essential consideration for travelers who want to experience the falls in all their glory. The timing of the visit significantly affects the look and overall experience of this natural wonder, so it is important to plan the trip accordingly.

Monsoon Season (June to September):

The rainy season, June to September, is undoubtedly the most enchanting time to visit this waterfall. During these months, the region receives heavy rainfall, which rejuvenates the river Kaveri. The river swells with rainwater and the falls come alive in a grand display of nature’s power. The cascading water gains strength, causing frothy white water to tumble down from a height of approximately 50 feet. The entire landscape is adorned with greenery, which turns the surroundings into a true paradise. During monsoons the falls transform into a symphony of sights and sounds, with the rhythmic flow of water creating a soothing melody that reverberates through the area. Mist rising from the impact of the falling water adds to the ethereal attraction, creating an otherworldly atmosphere that captivates visitors.

Post Monsoon Season (October to December):

Post-monsoon season, October to December is another favorable time to visit Chunchanakatte Falls. During these months, the rainfall decreases and the water level in Cauvery river gradually decreases. As a result, the waterfall looks calmer than during the rainy months. The surrounding area remains lush green, offering a serene environment for travelers to enjoy.

Winter Season (January to February):

The winter season, between January and February, also offers an opportunity to visit these falls. The weather during these months is relatively pleasant, with cool temperatures and light showers. Although the water flow is not as strong during monsoons, the waterfalls retain their charm and the surrounding landscape creates a sense of serenity.

Pre-Monsoon Season (March to May):

The pre-monsoon season, from March to May, marks the beginning of summer in the region. During these months, the weather warms up and the water flow in the falls gradually decreases. Although the waterfalls do not display their full glory during this time, the surrounding greenery and picturesque scenery remain attractive to travelers seeking a peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The best time to visit Chunchanakatte Falls is during monsoons, June to September, when the falls are at their best. However, each season offers a unique charm and experience, making any time of the year worth a visit. Be it witnessing the full glory of the falls during the monsoons or enjoying a peaceful retreat during the post-monsoon and winter seasons, Chunchanakatte Falls offers a mesmerizing journey through the wonders of nature and a truly unforgettable experience for all who visit this magical place.

How to Reach Chunchanakatte Falls

Located in Karnataka, India, Chunchanakatte Falls is a natural wonder set amidst lush green scenery. To embark on a memorable journey to this fascinating destination, it is essential to understand the various transport options. You can reach this place by following any of the routes given below.

By Air:

The nearest airport to Chunchanakatte Falls is Mysore Airport, which is approximately 60 kilometers away. Travelers can reach Mysore by taking domestic flights from major cities in India like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai. From the airport, you can take a taxi or a local bus to reach Chunchanakatte.

By Rail:

The nearest railway station to Chunchanakatte falls is Mysore Junction railway station, which is about 60 kilometers away. Mysore Junction is well connected to major cities of India by regular train services. After arriving at the station, travelers can opt for local buses or hired taxis to reach the falls.

By Road:

Chunchanakatte Falls is easily accessible by road, making it a convenient option for travelers who prefer road trips. Several well-maintained state highways connect Chunchanakatte to nearby towns. Travelers can take private cars, taxis or buses to reach the falls.

From Mysore: The drive from Mysore to Chunchanakatte via NH275 and State Highway 57 takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.

From Bangalore: Chunchanakatte is approximately 190 kilometers from Bangalore. Travelers can take Bangalore-Mysore Highway (SH17) and then NH275 to reach the falls.

Local Transport:

On arrival at Chunchanakatte, local transport options are available to explore the area and reach the falls. Auto-rickshaws and local taxis are easily available in Chunchanakatte for short distance travel.

Reaching Chunchanakatte Falls is an easy endeavor, its well-connected location and various transport options make visiting the place convenient. Whether traveling by air, rail or road, the journey to this natural gem will be as enchanting as the destination. While the tranquility of nature awaits at Chunchanakatte Falls, tourists can look forward to an unforgettable experience in the splendor of this enchanting wonder.

Places to Visit Near Chunchanakatte Falls

Nestled among the natural wonders of Karnataka, this waterfall is not only a mesmerizing destination but also a gateway to many nearby tourist destinations. Travelers visiting Chunchanakatte can have a pleasant journey exploring the various attractions around this picturesque region. From historical landmarks to peaceful retreats, the places to visit near Chunchanakatte Falls promise a great and enriching travel experience.

Devi Durga Temple, Chunchanakatte:

Located very close to the waterfall, Goddess Durga Temple is a spiritual place. The historical significance and architectural beauty of the temple attracts devotees and history buffs alike. The serene atmosphere and divine aura make it an ideal place for introspection and prayer.

BR Hills Wildlife Sanctuary:

Approximately 50 kilometers from Chunchanakatte, BR Hills Wildlife Sanctuary is a haven for nature and wildlife lovers. The sanctuary is home to a variety of flora and fauna, including elephants, leopards, tigers and various species of birds. Going on a wildlife safari amidst the greenery offers a thrilling experience close to the wonders of nature.


Located about 65 kilometers from Chunchanakatte, Melkot is a historic town famous for its ancient temples and cultural heritage. Cheluvanarayana Swamy Temple and Yoga Narasimha Swamy Temple are the main attractions here, which showcase exquisite architecture and intricate carvings. Melkote is also famous for its delicious traditional food, making it a feast for food lovers.

Sivansamudra Falls:

Located approximately 70 kilometers from Chunchanakatte, the twin waterfalls of Shivanasamudra offer a breathtaking view. The Gaganchukki and Barachukki waterfalls, created by the Kaveri river, present a spectacular display of aquatic foliage. The area around the falls offers excellent opportunities for nature walks and excursions.


About 90 kilometers from Chunchanakatte, Srirangapatna is an island town rich in historical heritage. It was once the capital of the famous warrior king Tipu Sultan. The city has historical landmarks like Dariya Daulat Palace, Ranganathaswamy Temple and Gumbaz Samadhi. Exploring Srirangapatna gives a glimpse of the glorious past of the region.

Kokkare Bellur Bird Sanctuary:

Located approximately 65 km from Chunchanakatte, Kokkare Bellur Bird Sanctuary is a haven for bird watchers. The sanctuary is famous for its resident and migratory birds, especially the painted crane and the spot-billed pelican. Watching these beautiful birds in their natural habitat is a delightful experience.


Located about 90 kilometers from Chunchanakatte, Shravanbelagola is a sacred Jain pilgrimage site. The city is famous for the huge monolithic statue of Lord Baahubali standing on the Vindhyagiri hill. The idol is an architectural marvel and holds great spiritual significance for Jains.


Just 60 kilometers from Chunchanakatte, Mysore is a city of palaces, art and culture. Some of the special attractions are Mysore Palace, Vrindavan Gardens, Chamundi Hill and Mysore Zoo. Mysore’s vibrant culture and rich history make it an attractive destination for tourists. You can definitely visit Mysore.

Places to visit near Chunchanakatte Falls offer a variety of experiences ranging from spiritual and historical explorations to wildlife and serene nature retreats. Each destination adds a unique dimension to the travel experience, with each traveler taking away happy memories with a deep appreciation of Karnataka’s beauty and heritage.

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Adventure Activities in Chunchanakatte Falls

Chunchanakatte Falls, known for its mesmerizing waterfalls and serene surroundings, offers more than just a peaceful retreat. Adventurous and energetic tourists visiting this picturesque destination can indulge in a variety of thrilling activities that add an adrenaline rush to their experience amidst the splendor of nature.


The area around Chunchanakatte Falls is a paradise for trekking enthusiasts. Lush forests and rolling hills offer many trekking trails, catering to both beginners and experienced trekkers. Exploring the picturesque landscape on foot allows trekkers to immerse themselves in the natural beauty and witness breathtaking views along the way.

Wildlife Safari:

Adventure seekers can go for a wildlife safari at the nearby BR Hills Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary is home to a variety of wildlife including elephants, leopards, deer, wild boars and various bird species. A guided safari in the sanctuary offers an exciting opportunity to see these magnificent animals in their natural habitat.

River Rafting:

River rafting in Kaveri river is an ideal option for those who want water adventure. Depending on the water flow and safety conditions, adventure operators organize rafting trips that offer an exciting experience as participants navigate through the river’s rapids and currents.

Rock Climbing:

Chunchanakatte Falls and its surroundings are comprised of rocky cliffs, making it a favorable destination for rock climbing enthusiasts. Climbers can test their skills and endurance as they scale natural rock formations under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Bird watching:

Bird watching in and around Chunchanakatte Falls is a rewarding adventure. The nearby Kokkare Bellur Bird Sanctuary is a haven for bird watchers. Spotting various resident and migratory bird species, including the iconic painted stork and spot-billed pelican, is a delightful experience for nature lovers.

Nature Walk:

For a more relaxed yet adventurous experience, nature walks in and around Chunchanakatte Falls are recommended. The serene atmosphere and greenery provide a serene environment for a leisurely stroll, allowing visitors to appreciate the natural beauty of the region up close.

Photography Campaigns:

Adventures in Chunchanakatte Falls are not just heart-warming activities; It also caters to photography enthusiasts. Capturing the magnificent waterfalls, diverse flora and abundant wildlife through the lens offers a unique way to capture and preserve the memories of this enchanting destination.


Camping in the scenic beauty of Chunchanakatte Falls is a great way to connect with nature and enjoy the serenity of the surroundings. Adventure companies organize camping experiences, complete with bonfires, stargazing and the chance to relax in the lap of nature.

Chunchanakatte Falls not only provides a peaceful escape from the hectic world but also offers many thrilling adventure activities for adrenaline seekers. From trekking through lush forests to encountering wildlife on safari and indulging in water adventures, the falls and its surroundings cater to every adventure enthusiast. Immersing in the mesmerizing beauty of Chunchanakatte Falls makes for an unforgettable journey that combines the wonders of nature with exhilarating experiences.

Local culture and traditions

A place of mesmerizing beauty, Chunchanakatte is famous not only for its natural wonders but also for its rich and vibrant local culture and traditions. Steeped in history and sense of community, the region’s cultural heritage adds a unique dimension to the travel experience, allowing visitors to experience the essence of Chunchanakatte.

Festivals :

The local culture of Chunchanakatte is marked by festivals and joyous celebrations. Traditional festivals like Ugadi (Kannada New Year), Makar Sankranti and Diwali are celebrated with enthusiasm and grandeur. During these festivals, locals participate in religious rituals, decorate their homes with colorful rangolis and exchange greetings and sweets, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie.

Folk Music and Dance:

Folk music and dance are an integral part of the cultural fabric of Chunchanakatte. Local folk artists showcase their talent through traditional dance forms such as Dollu Kunitha, a vigorous drum dance and Kamsale, a unique dance form with brass cymbals. These vibrant performances include entertainment and cultural expression at various festivals and social gatherings.


The local cuisine of Chunchanakatte is a delightful exploration of flavors and regional delicacies. Traditional Kannada cuisine, featuring the use of fresh ingredients and aromatic spices, delights the taste buds of both locals and visitors. Dishes like bisi belle bath (a spicy rice-lentil dish), ragi mudde (millet balls), and akki roti (rice flour flatbread) are among the specialties that exemplify the culinary traditions of the region.

Crafts and Artistry:

Chunchanakatte is a thriving community of excellent artisans in various traditional crafts. Intricate wood carvings, pottery and woven textiles showcase the artistic talent and craftsmanship of the local people. Visitors can explore local markets and shops for these unique creations, reflecting the artistic heritage of each region.

Religious practices:

Religion plays an important role in shaping the local culture and traditions of Chunchanakatte. The area is home to ancient temples and sacred sites, and religious practices are an integral part of daily life. Temples, including the revered Goddess Durga temple near the waterfall, attract devotees who pray and participate in religious ceremonies, creating a profound sense of spirituality.

Language and Dress:

The major language spoken in Chunchanakatte is Kannada, the official language of Karnataka. Locals take pride in preserving their mother tongue and using it as a means of communication. As for traditional dress, women usually wear sarees or salwar kameez, while men usually wear traditional dhoti and shirts, reflecting the cultural identity of the region.

Traditions of Hospitality :

The warmth and hospitality of the people of Chunchanakatte leaves a lasting impression on the tourists. Traditional customs of welcoming guests are deeply rooted in the local culture. Guests are welcomed with a tilak (vermilion mark) on the forehead, garlands of flowers and traditional refreshments, exemplifying the spirit of Indian hospitality.

Local culture and traditions of Chunchanakatte form the heart and soul of this picturesque place. Festivals, arts, cuisine and hospitality are the threads that weave the tapestry of heritage and community. Capturing the essence of Chunchanakatte allows travelers to not only witness natural wonders but also connect with the spirit of the land and its people, creating a holistic and enriching travel experience that lingers in their hearts long after bidding farewell to this enchanting region.

Accommodation Options

Nestled in tranquil scenic landscapes, Chunchanakatte offers a wide range of accommodation options that cater to the diverse preferences of travellers. Whether seeking a luxurious retreat or a budget-friendly stay, visitors to this enchanting destination can find comfortable accommodations that complement the beauty of the surroundings.

Resorts and Hotels:

Chunchanakatte is home to a number of resorts and hotels that offer a blend of modern amenities and natural charm. These accommodations have rooms equipped with en-suite bathrooms, air conditioning and other essential amenities. Many resorts are strategically located to offer stunning views of Chunchanakatte Falls or the surrounding landscapes. These establishments often have in-house restaurants that serve local delicacies and continental cuisine, adding to the overall experience of staying in the serenity of nature.


For travelers who want a more immersive experience of local culture and traditions, a homestay in Chunchanakatte is a great option. Homestays offer the opportunity to stay with local families, providing an authentic glimpse into the life and customs of the region. Guests are warmly welcomed and treated like family members, making it a heartwarming experience. Homestays typically offer comfortable rooms, lovingly prepared home-cooked meals, and opportunities to engage in activities such as cooking demonstrations and cultural interactions

Guest Houses and Lodges:

Guesthouses and lodges in Chunchanakatte offer budget-friendly accommodation options for travelers. These establishments offer clean and basic rooms with essential amenities like beds, fans and attached bathrooms. While they may not offer the luxurious amenities of resorts, guesthouses and lodges are convenient options for those looking for a comfortable place to unwind after a long day of exploring.

 Tent Camping:

For those looking for an adventurous experience, some operators in Chunchanakatte offer tent camping options. Camping amidst the natural beauty of the region allows travelers to connect with the environment and witness the splendor of the night sky. Organized camping trips often include bonfires, stargazing and other outdoor activities, creating unforgettable memories.

Chunchanakatte caters to the varied accommodation preferences of its visitors, ensuring a comfortable and memorable stay amidst the beauty of nature. From luxurious resorts to heartwarming homestays and budget-friendly guesthouses, accommodation options in Chunchanakatte offer the perfect blend of comfort, hospitality and proximity to the natural wonders of this captivating destination. Whether for a short getaway or an extended vacation, accommodation in Chunchanakatte enhances the overall experience, allowing travelers to create fond memories and rejuvenate their souls in the serenity of this enchanting region.


Chunchanakatte Falls is a hidden paradise that offers a unique combination of natural beauty and spiritual significance. The cascading water, greenery and mythological associations make it an unforgettable place for tourists and pilgrims. So, if you want to experience nature’s bliss, Chunchanakatte Falls should undoubtedly be on your travel list.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Chunchanakatte Falls available throughout the year?

Chunchanakatte Falls is accessible throughout the year, but the best time to visit is during monsoons (June to September) to witness its full glory.

Is there any accommodation near Chunchanakatte Falls?

Yes, nearby cities like Mysore and Srirangapatna offer a range of accommodation options from budget to luxury.

Is it safe to swim in a pool formed by a waterfall?

No, the falls are not suitable for swimming due to strong currents and submerged rocks. Swimming is prohibited at this place.

Are there any other attractions near Chunchanakatte Falls?

Yes, BR Hills Wildlife Sanctuary and Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary are nearby places to explore for wildlife lovers.

Can good pictures be taken at Chunchanakatte Falls?

Absolutely! Chunchanakatte Falls offers fantastic photography opportunities amidst its scenic beauty and rushing water.

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