Dalai Lama's Templer

Dalai Lama's temple is most famous religious places in McLeod Ganj. It is a pilgrimage for tibetan Buddhist.There are many places to see in the temple area.

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Dharamshala Cricket Stadium

Nestled amidst breathtaking views and picturesque hills, the stadium offers a thrilling sporting atmosphere.

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Namgyal Monastery

Lose yourself in the peaceful surroundings of Namgyal Monastery, the personal monastery of the Dalai Lama, and explore the intricate Tibetan architecture.

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Hike to Triund

This is popular hiking destination for the breathtaking beauty & scenery of Kite Dhauladhar mountain. This walk is about 4 KM & takes about 2 Hr to reach.

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Bhagsunath Temple

Visit To the ancient Bhagsunath temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. In this temple one can see the excellent architecture.

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Kangra Fort

Explore the historic Kangra Fort, just a short drive from McLeod Ganj. Its ancient ruins, magnificent scenery will blow your mind.

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Tibetan Museum

Learn about Tibetan culture at the Tibetan Museum. Enjoy viewing artefacts, photographs and paintings of Tibetan culture.

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Dal Lake

Enjoy a boat ride on the enchanting Lake surrounded by greenery & serenity. Admire the stunning reflections of the surrounding mountains in its calm waters.

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