Changing Colors

The white marble of the Taj Mahal changes its hues throughout the day, reflecting different shades of sunlight. Bright white during the day and a golden glow at dusk.

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Symmetrical illusion

Taj Mahal looks perfectly symmetrical, but it is designed to create an optical illusion. Small in size, the minaret leans slightly outwards, making it stand out from a distance.

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Hidden Verses

Inscriptions from the Quran adorn the walls of the Taj Mahal, but did you know that as the verses go up, they increase in size.

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Celestial decoration

The dome of the Taj Mahal is decorated with a lotus-shaped finial, a symbol of purity. It is said to represent the heavenly abode.

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Whispering Gallery

Stand at one end of the plinth facing the monument & whisper softly. Sound will travel along the curved wall & reach other end, violating the principles of acoustics.

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Secret Chambers

Beneath the main tomb, these chambers are hidden, believed to contain valuable treasures. However, these chambers are sealed, shrouded in mystery.

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Floating Calligraphy

Calligraphy inscriptions on the walls of Taj Mahal give the impression of floating. The letters on it are engraved in large letters at the bottom and small letters at the top.

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Reflective Pool

The symbolic reflection of the Taj Mahal in the water is no coincidence. There is a central bridge that aligns the monument and creates a breathtaking mirror image.

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On a full moon night, the Taj Mahal emits a mesmerizing glow, casting a spell on those who witness it. The atmosphere of this night is said to be truly spectacular.

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Mirrored mausoleum

A similar structure was planned as a black-marble mausoleum for the emperor and his later wives. However, the plan was aborted due to the intervention of his son.

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