Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass is a high mountain pass that offers breathtaking beauty of the surrounding peaks and glaciers.

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Solang Valley

Known as the adventure destination of Kullu Manali, Solang Valley is famous for adrenaline junkies, offering activities like paragliding, zorbing and skiing.

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Hadimba Devi Temple

Dedicated to Goddess Hadimba, this ancient temple is nestled in lush cedar forests and has beautiful woodwork.

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Beas River

The majestic Beas River flows through Kullu Manali, offering a leisurely stroll and the pleasure of a peaceful trip.

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Old Manali

Hippie culture is enthralling in the charming lanes of Old Manali lined with cafes, shops and guesthouses.

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Manikaran Sahib

A popular place of religious significance for Sikhs and Hindus, Manikaran Sahib is famous for its hot springs and beautiful gurdwara.

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Naggar Wada

Explore the ancient Naggar Fort, which presents a fusion of European and Himalayan architecture and offers panoramic views of the valley.

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Great Himalayan National Park

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this national park is an ideal destination for nature lovers with its diverse flora and fauna.

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Hampta Pass

Experience a thrilling trek through the scenic Hampta Pass surrounded by towering mountains and breathtaking landscapes.

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Jana Falls

Head to the serene Jana Falls, hidden amidst lush greenery, and revive your senses with the cascading water.

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