Tropical Storm Idalia is approaching Florida, intensifying into a potential hurricane.

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Unprecedented danger

With winds of 65 mph, Florida is under a hurricane watch, and a state of emergency has been declared.

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Florida braces

Idalia's uncertain path prompts rapid preparations in Florida.

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A race against time

Idalia is predicted to make history as the first 2023 US Atlantic hurricane.

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Route uncertain

Idalia poses significant storm risk, Florida Panhandle vulnerable.

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Storm threat

Georgia, Carolinas prepare for heavy rains, results certain.

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Southern states alert

Florida manufactures high water vehicles, boats for rescue efforts.

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Emergency response

Gulf heat gives Idalia strength, fear of rapid intensification.

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Rapid intensity

Hurricane Franklin brings coastal currents along the East Coast.

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Franklin's distraction

As the nation awaits Idalia's strike, expectations will rise before Tuesday.

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Countdown to Impact