Top Gun

Maverick, a daring fighter pilot, defies the odds at the elite Top Gun Naval Flying School, pushing his limits in the air and in love.

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Mission Impossible

Ethan Hunt leads an undercover team of agents, battling traitors and time to stop a deadly conspiracy that threatens global chaos.

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Jerry Maguire

A sports agent has an epiphany that allows him to rebuild his career from scratch, proving that success is more than just numbers.

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Minority Report

Set in a futuristic world, a pre-crime officer goes against time when he is accused of a murder he has yet to commit in the future.

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Rain Man

When an autistic man discovers he has a brother with autism, they embark on a transformative road trip that changes their lives forever.

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A Few Good Men

A gripping tale of how a young lawyer uncovers a conspiracy by high-ranking military figures to defend two Marines accused of murder.

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Edge of Tomorrow

In a battle against outside invaders, an army officer gains the ability to relive the same day and is determined to change the outcome.

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A thriller follows a contract killer who confuses a cab driver one night as he commits a series of murders.

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The Last Samurai

The film tells the story of how a disillusioned American soldier finds redemption and honor after joining the last samurai rebellion in Japan.

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Interview with the Vampire

Cruise portrays a charismatic vampire in this gothic drama, depicting a journey exploring immortality and the complexities of morality.

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