Gold Cup Success

The CONCACAF Gold Cup tournament played between teams from North, Central America & Caribbean. Mexico Football Team has won this tournament 11 times.

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16 World Cups Success

Leading team in World Cup history. This is the only team  qualified for the World Cup Round of 16. It has played in the quarter-finals twice in 1970 & 1986.

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Olympic Gold Medal

Mexico national football team has won gold medal in 2012 London Olympics. This is his first Olympic gold medal.

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Twice World Cup winners

The Mexico National Football Team has won the World Cup in 1970 and 1986. All the World Cup matches of this team have been played at there home ground.

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Antonio Carbajal

He is a great football player. He holds the record of playing in five consecutive FIFA World Cups from 1950 to 1966. Today he is known as one of the greatest goalkeepers.

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Mexico has a strong rivalry with both the United States and Costa Rica. Matches between these two teams are exciting for the fans.

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Rafael Marquez

Rafael Marquez is the most capped player of the Mexico National Football Team and has won 147 caps for Mexico.

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Estadio Azteca stadium

Estadio Azteca is the home stadium of the Mexico Team and it is the largest stadium in the world. The two World Cup final was hosted here.

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Mexico's 4-0 win over Brazil in the 1950 FIFA World Cup is known as the "Maracanazo". This is one of the most memorable victories in Mexican football history.

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World’s Popular Team

The Mexico National Football Team is one of the most popular teams in the world. The team has a huge fan base in Mexico (United States).

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